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Steaming ahead with charitable donations

Rear Admiral Brett Wolski and Leading Seaman Nick Magafas accept a $4500 cheque from Mr Kevin Assenheim and Mr Allen Palmer who are part of the End of Steam Era Reunion 2017 which was donated to Keeping Watch.

Navy's charity, Keeping Watch owes its very existence to the spirit and generosity of its donors and recently, Keeping Watch was the recipient of a generous donation from a group of ‘old and bold’ steamers.

The End of Steam Era Reunion – unites those who enjoy “celebrating the times and lifestyle of the technical sailors who served in steam driven warships”.

It is not surprising that many of the members are former Royal Australian Navy sailors and officers who maintain a close affiliation with Navy due to their shared experiences.

Royal Australian Navy Relief Trust Fund manages and administers the Keeping Watch funds, and Relief Trust Fund Chair, Rear Admiral Brett Wolski, Warrant Officer of the Navy Gary Wight and Trustee Lieutenant Commander Tristan Skousgaard were on hand to accept a cheque for $4,500 from End of Steam Era Reunion committee members ex-Warrant Officer Marine Technical Propulsion Kevin Assenheim and ex-Chief Officer Marine Technical Propulsion Allan Palmer.

Rear Admiral Wolski said the generous donation was a reflection on the family-like nature of service life.

“Keeping Watch assists serving Navy members during times of need by providing financial grants, to help with unforeseen hardship or emergencies,” he said.

“On behalf of the RANRTF and Keeping Watch I thank the organisation for the very kind donation and for identifying Keeping Watch as a charity of choice.”

Since its inception in 2013, Keeping Watch has provided over $100,000 in grants to serving Navy people to assist in a number of ongoing and emergency situations.

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  • M Bult - HMAS Hobart

    When there was an unfortunate circumstance that resulted in financial hardship for a family member, Keeping Watch was eager to help out as much as possible. My divisional staff were more than accommodating to ensure that I understood the process, and between them and the Keeping Watch team I was constantly reassured that the help my family desperately needed at the time was being organised. Keeping Watch is the light at the end of the tunnel, you just need to reach out and ask for the help.
  • D Smith - Canberra

    I cannot thank Keeping Watch for helping us in our time of need. We were struggling with living expenses after a death in the family and I found out about Keeping Watch. I'm so glad I conatcted them to see how they could help. They were amazing throughout and the money could not have come at a better time. We are now moving forward positively and looking to the future. Thank you so much.
  • R James - Canberra

    I would highly recommend Keeping Watch if you need financial help and are a Navy family. We experienced an unexpected family crisis and we were struggling to meet daily living expenses and child care costs. Keeping Watch helped us through this difficult situation with a grant and offered some very valuable advise on how to deal with the loss. If you need help, contact Keeping Watch.